The Reasons for Braces

You’ve almost certainly known or observed people who have braces on their teeth. Do you ever speculate about why they choose to get them? Dr. Shabbir Adenwalla and our staff at the office of Shabbir Adenwalla, DMD, MS in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, would be pleased to explain it to you.

Braces were invented to correct teeth and a jawbone that is misaligned. The conventional kinds have brackets that are bonded to your teeth with special dental cement and connected by a wire. These are tightened now and then so as to progressively shift your teeth and jaw into their proper positions. Today’s braces are more superior than ever, with more advanced materials that need fewer adjustments. Dr. Shabbir Adenwalla is a specialist in tightening your apparatus to the precise degree so as to offer you the perfect balance between safety and speed.

Depending on the needs of your mouth and your dental habits, your braces will be on your teeth for an average of one to three years. After that, you’ll be given a retainer to wear for a time to protect your bite from falling out of alignment once again.

If you correct your misaligned teeth with braces, you will significantly lower your chances of developing oral health issues later in life like tooth decay, gum disease, affected speech or chewing, abnormally worn tooth enamel or developing jaw problems.

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