Congratulations- You have taken the first step towards a new and beautiful smile. Here are some things you can do before you get your braces.

Braces will adhere better to clean teeth in a healthy environment, if you aren’t already- get into a brushing routine after meals. Everything you eat will stick to your braces, we want you to get in and clean the food off as soon as possible.

Most people do not need pain relief from our procedures, but some people are a bit more sensitive. You can take a pain reliever- whatever you would normally take for muscle pain or a headache. If you ran the mile, you would expect your muscles to be sore, teeth are no different. We have never moved your teeth before so you can expect some sensitivity 3-6 hours after we put your appliances on. This may last a few days as your body gets used to different pressures in your mouth, but may soon feel normal, like you’ve had them forever.

Prepare to eat some softer foods for the first few days as you adjust. Let all your foods cool off a bit, cool, soft foods will be easiest and feel most comfortable for you to eat in the first few days.

As your lips rub across the new appliances, you may develop a small sore. You can use the wax we provide to cover that area and allow your lips and cheeks to heal. Wax sticks better if the tooth and brace are somewhat dry.

Extra Saliva- you may also experience more saliva than usual in your mouth. This too will alleviate over the next few days. It is just your body’s way of trying wash out a foreign substance. (your braces)

Brushing will be a bit challenging- Just remember to brush all surfaces of the teeth, above the brace, below the braces, on top of the braces, on the inside by your tongue, etc. When you are finished brushing- pull your lips away and look- We tend to clean what we see, so look at everything!

Doesn’t having braces sound like so much fun? We hope these tips and a few helpful hints will make the transition smoother.

Remember to follow all the instructions given to you by Dr Adenwalla and the staff exactly and if you are unsure, text, call or ask us. Proper care and maintenance will get your braces off quickly and keep your treatment easy, fast and predictable.