“Comfort Zone” Solutions For Braces Patients

At 180 Orthodontics, our patient’s comfort is very important. Below are a few solutions to relieve comfort issues that may arise throughout orthodontic treatment.

Loose Brace

Place a small piece of wax over the brace, to protect your lip or cheek (or) use a straight pin to gently lift off the colored elastic ring so the brace can fall off. Call the office for an appointment. You may dispose of the brace.

Loose Band

Avoid chewing on that tooth and call the office for an appointment. If the band is loose enough to remove it with your fingers, do so. Call for an appointment and bring the band with you.

Wire Poking

Use the eraser of a pencil to push the wire into a more comfortable position. If the wire is poking in the back, use a pair of tweezers to get hold of the wire between the 2 front teeth and gently slide the wire toward the opposite direction. This should cause the wire to be evenly dispersed on both sides.

Band Poking the Tongue

Use the handle of a teaspoon to gently put pressure on the “prong” attached to the inside of the band where it is poking. If you are wearing elastics to this prong, bending it in will make it difficult for you to do so. In this case, use wax at night to give your tongue relief as you sleep.

Lost Elastic Ring

This is not usually a reason to be concerned. Keep the next appointment.

Trauma to Teeth

(chipped, broken, knocked out) Call your regular dentist immediately or go to the nearest hospital.