Braces Can Be Used to Address a Wide Range of Orthodontic Issues

As your child grows up their body is sure to go through many changes. One of the hallmark signs of adolescence is when their 32 adult teeth completely replace the 20 primary teeth that served them in childhood. The dramatic changes occurring with their teeth and jaw structure can often result in alignment problems or other orthodontic issues.

Sometimes alignment issues are a result of over-crowding caused by adult teeth emerging from the gums at different times. Without realignment by braces, these teeth can be prone to chips and fractures when their bite pattern matches poorly. This is even more likely if your son or daughter had a baby tooth with a cavity that required the tooth to be extracted.

Past issues with a prolonged period of thumb sucking or extended use of a pacifier in their formative years can also adjust the orientation of the socket. This can cause one or more adult teeth to emerge out of alignment or improperly spaced with the teeth around it.

Malocclusion is another possible issue that requires braces to adjust. This often relates to overbite or under-bite problems. If the top teeth extend too far out it is called overbite. When the lower jaw extends too far out it is called under-bite.

If you are concerned about potential alignment issues with your child’s teeth, you should contact the office of Shabbir Adenwalla, DMD, MS’s Middleburg Heights, Ohio office at 440-243-9575 to see if they are a good candidate for braces.

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